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East Boston High Class of 1976
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50th Birthday Party for the Classes of 74,75 and 76 huge success , If you haven't recieved your copy or would like to purchase one please email Chris Leone at

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The first Jet Gazette.
How many Jetman did we have between
1974 and 1976? Name them.
answer on links page.



East Boston was know for making the fastest Clipper Ships in the world at the Donald McKay Shipyard.


Home of the Eastie Jets

Do you have any memories that you would like to share?

Remember the day we signed out of school.
Most of us went to the Pancake House in Revere. The Hostess asked me, how many? My answer was a table for 100. She thought I was a wise guy, she didn't know the Class of 1976.
Jim Ravagno



East Boston High was featured
in the movie 'Fever Pitch".
Winslow High (Boston Public on Fox)


Report Card from 1976

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